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Understanding Autism

Creating a Brighter Future for Our Children 

Do not wait! 
Every single minute counts.
Just go for it!

An early diagnostic will change the length of therapy and your child's life

If you suspect that your child is autistic, here are the key steps to follow to obtain a diagnosis and begin appropriate care: 1. Observation and Documentation: Note any behaviors or signs that concern you in your child. This may include communication difficulties, limited social interactions, repetitive behaviors, or particular reactions to sensory stimuli. 2. Consultation with pediatrician: Make an appointment with your child's pediatrician to discuss your observations. The pediatrician will assess the signs you noted and perform an initial examination. Sometimes the pediatrician does not see or is not sufficiently trained. If you are convinced that your child is atypical, keep looking for answers. Trust yourself. ​ 3. Specialized evaluation: If the pediatrician deems it necessary, he will refer you to specialists for a thorough evaluation. This may include psychologists, pediatric neurologists, child psychiatrists, or other professionals who specialize in autism spectrum disorders (ASD). ​ 4. Diagnostic Tests and Evaluations: Specialists will perform a series of tests and evaluations to determine if your child is on the autism spectrum. This may include behavioral assessments, developmental testing, and interactive observations. ​ 5. Obtaining the diagnosis: Based on these assessments, a diagnosis will be established. If your child is diagnosed with autism, professionals will explain to you the different characteristics of the disorder and what it means for your child but at NO time think that it is inevitable!!!! If your child is under 6 years old, contact Les Bullotins. Find out about the Son-Rise method or choose if you want to work with the AEVE association. ​ Once the diagnosis has been made, the most important thing is to get the train moving!! Whatever method you choose, it must be applied 100%. DON'T WAIT. 6. Decide on your strategy, and begin care planning: Educate Yourself!!! Discuss with therapists and professionals the best approach to care for your child. This may include behavioral therapies, speech therapy sessions, specialized educational interventions, and sometimes recommendations for accommodations

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Do you think your child is autistic?

Summary of the book
"Sortir de l'autisme : Le combat d'une maman"

In this book, this mother recounts her struggle, the obstacles that seem insurmountable, the phases of discouragement. But above all, she provides the essential keys from her experience to help her child overcome autism. Today, Sasha is a boy like any other, radiant and happy. It’s an incredible lesson in courage and a message of hope: no, autism is not inevitable. 

Book “sortir del 'autisme” by Valentine Lecêtre – Ideo editions

“If you want to get out of this,

it is essential to know that other people 

did it before you. »

Valentine has everything to be happy, in a relationship, a fulfilling job and recently a wonderful baby, but overnight her world collapses. 

“You must mourn your son!” he said coldly. The diagnosis falls like a blow. It only took this doctor five seconds for Valentine's world to collapse. However, the shock of the announcement passed, she refuses to let herself be defeated and goes to war against destiny. 

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Book Reviews

I will recommend your book. It is luminous and necessary (swallowed in 36 hours), touching and edifying, and now: life ahead of you. »

Doctor, Pediatrician. M

“I was moved to tears while reading this book. It shows that even when things seem hopeless, there is always hope. I recommend it to anyone looking for inspiration and hope. »

Frédérique Mussieux, Teacher

“This book is an inspiration to anyone looking to help a child with autism. It shows that there is always hope, even in the most difficult situations. I highly recommend it. »

Sarah Denis, School Assistant

About Sortir de l'autisme

Autistic - Creative workshop - Autism - play - children - art drawings

Sortir de l'autisme is a poignant book of a mother telling her story of how she cope with her son's autism diagnostic. She faces many obstacles, but does not give up and seeks practical solutions to help her son overcome autism.

Discover her inspiring fight in this moving book.

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