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Summary of the book
"Sortir de l'autisme : le combat d'une mère"

In this book, this mother recounts her struggle, the obstacles that seem insurmountable, the phases of discouragement. But above all, she provides the essential keys from her experience to help her child overcome autism. Today, Sasha is a boy like any other, radiant and happy. It’s an incredible lesson in courage and a message of hope: no, autism is not inevitable. 

Book “Sortir de l'autisme” - Valentine Lecêtre

“If you want to get out of this, 

it is essential to know that other people 

did it before you. »

Valentine has everything to be happy, in a relationship, a fulfilling job and recently a wonderful baby, but overnight her world collapses. 

“You must mourn your son!” he said coldly. The diagnosis falls like a blow. It only took this doctor five seconds for Valentine's world to collapse. However, the shock of the announcement passed, she refuses to let herself be defeated and goes to war against destiny. 

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Book Reviews

I will recommend your book. It is luminous and necessary (swallowed in 36 hours), touching and edifying, and now: life ahead. »

Doctor, Pediatrician. M

“I was moved to tears while reading this book. It shows that even when things seem hopeless, there is always hope. I recommend it to anyone looking for inspiration and hope. »

Frédérique Mussieux, Teacher

“This book is an inspiration to anyone looking to help a child with autism. It shows that there is always hope, even in the most difficult situations. I highly recommend it. »

Sarah Denis, School Assistant

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